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Are You Doing These 3 Things to Protect Your Start-Up?

By | July 20, 2016

This week we have a guest post from Jessica Smith, Business Counselor at the Women’s Business Center in Springfield. (Yes, she works for me. Hooray, because she’s awesome!) She’s going


Too Much Preparation Can Be As Damaging As Too Little

By | July 13, 2016

What in the world am I talking about? How could too much preparation be a bad thing? I’ve met with a couple of clients in the last few weeks who


Social Media Won’t Save Your Business

By | July 6, 2016

Let me start with a bit of housekeeping. You may have noticed it’s been about a month since I blogged. I started a full time job early last month, as


The Path to Publishing: Self-Publishing Your Book

By | June 1, 2016

Last week I wrote about my experiences working with a publisher for The Enthusiastic Networker. Today I want to discuss self-publishing and how that worked for my fiction series, The


Practicalities of Working with a Small Press Publisher

By | May 25, 2016

Last week, I was part of a “How to be an author” conference taught by Community Business Partnership, a local small business development center. One of the sessions I taught


Yes, You Can Have Conversations on Social Media

By | May 18, 2016

A few weeks ago, I talked about how it doesn’t really matter who follows you on Twitter. What is most important is your content. Today I’m going to discuss conversations,


Make Your Twitter Stream Inviting

By | May 11, 2016

Last week I discussed why you don’t need to worry about who follows you on Twitter, and I said I’d talk this week about how to make your content attractive


Don’t Worry About Who Follows You on Twitter

By | May 4, 2016

“Some porn account just followed me on Twitter. What should I do? Should I protect my tweets by locking down my account?” I get this question a lot. Short answer.


How Fitbit Forced Me To Take Breaks and Be More Productive

By | April 27, 2016

I wrote last year about how my Fitbit taught me some valuable accountability lessons. Now my exercise tracker is continuing to prove its business worth. Fitbit recently added a new