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Networking Coaching

In a nutshell, networking is about meeting new people and nurturing relationships with them. But crack that nut open, and you find there are lots of ways to approach networking. You can do it face-to-face at networking events, business luncheons, or over a round of golf. Maybe you’re a social media hound and prefer to network online. Or, perhaps you’re really good at generating leads through newsletters or press releases, or over the phone, or at job fairs.

My job is to help you identify what’s right for you, given your personality, your strengths, and your goals. Are you networking in order to land a new job? Launch a business? Grow an existing business? Without a networking approach that’s comfortable for you, one of two things is likely to happen:

  1. You won’t do it, or
  2. You’ll dread it and go through the motions, and your prospects will register your lack of enthusiasm. Odds are they won’t be doing business with you.

I’ll work 1 to 1 with you to craft a personal networking strategy. One that fits you and that you’ll actually enjoy, even if it takes a little time and effort to get there. Together we’ll tackle how to:

  • Define your target market
  • Craft your message
  • Master the art of referrals
  • Nurture relationships with prospective clients/employers

Then we’ll put it all together into a customized action plan that’ll be your guide as you network your way to success.