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“I was lucky enough to participate in Ms. Monroe’s workshop last week on designing an elevator speech. I would highly recommend her workshop to new entrepreneurs or anyone that is thinking about crafting an elevator speech. She really pinpointed how to develop and deliver an effective elevator speech. Her workshop was one of the best ones lately I have attended. I definitely got a lot out of it! Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm you devoted to the class and our time together! Now I know why your book is titled “The Enthusiastic Networker”.– D. Rash

“Juli is a great speaker and presenter. Her messages are clear and concise, she provides useful, practical information, and she clearly knows the marketing and social media business. I enjoyed her presentation about LinkedIn profile. Her insights are great!”– P. Mir

“I hired Juli to design and implement my company’s social media campaign after hearing her speak on the topic to a group of local executives at a 7.30 am breakfast meeting. Her presentation was clear,concise and full of concrete information. She single handedly convinced me of social media’s importance in our marketing plan. Equally impressive was her delivery. She (thankfully) mixed humor with helpful hints, keeping 50 business leaders alert and taking notes for a full hour. Within a week of the meeting, we hired Juli. Within another short week, she was training my staff on the use and benefits of LinkedIn, even taking the time to tutor us on how to complete our profiles. We already have made valuable connections via this social medium that we previously simply were not using to its fullest advantage. We look forward to continuing to work with Juli as we master the great Facebook and Twitter frontiers.”– S. Windle