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Why Would Anyone Want To Read My Tweets?

Why Would Anyone Want To Read My Tweets- (1)Or Facebook posts. Or blog articles. Or Pinterest boards.

I get this question a lot from people who are new to social media. They seem to assume that their content is somehow less valuable than someone else’s.

But think about it. If we are following you on Twitter or liking your Facebook page, presumably we are doing it because on some level we like you. Maybe we like your competitor too, but we definitely like you or we wouldn’t have bothered to hit that button or subscribe to your RSS feed.

Why do we like you? Lots of possible reasons.

1. You’re a professional in your field

Even if you are new, you probably know more than your audience. And we want to see what you have to say because you’ll be able to educate us in some way. But if I’m looking for good information, why won’t I just go read a competitor’s stuff?

2. Because you have a unique perspective

Not everyone looks at things the same way. I had a client who was thinking about writing a blog on SEO, but she was resisting because there are so many other SEO blogs out there. Why would hers attract attention? We talked about it, and what we discovered was that she could write about SEO in layman’s terms (and stuff that looked like English instead of computer speak). That’s her perspective which made her blog worth following.

3. Because you share good stuff

Don’t ignore this part. It’s not all about what you write. It’s also about what you share. If you write good stuff and share good stuff, we’re going to want to pay attention to you.

So what do you think? Feeling like your posts are worth reading now?