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What Makes a Good Elevator Speech Tag Line?

elevator speech tag linesI’m a proponent of the elevator speech as a tool to use to market your business. Done correctly, a good elevator speech will make you memorable and encourage people to approach and ask you to tell them more about your business. One of the ways to be memorable is with a good elevator speech tag line.

What is a tag line? It’s a short phrase to wrap up your speech. The best ones are cute or funny and make a word play on your industry or company name. We like things wrapped up, and a good tag line is kind of like putting a bow on a package. Do you need a bow? No, but it completes the presentation. It’s the same with the elevator speech tag line.

They should be short and to the point. A good tag line should be 5-9 words. Any longer, and it becomes cumbersome. Shorter is okay, if you can make it fit.

Here are some example of good ones I’ve heard:

We take the SH out of IT (computer repair)

If you ignore your health, it will go away (health supplements)

We think outside the basket (gift baskets)

It’s not hard to put your name on stuff (promotional items)

Helping families stop blowing up over money (financial planning)

Get the idea? They are short and punchy. The idea is to wrap up your speech in a memorable way while also touching on what you do. A listener may have glazed over the rest, and that’s your last chance to capture attention.

One of my clients told me she remembered the last tag line she’d heard but not exactly who said it. When she saw the person later at another event, she put the tag line and the speaker together. Without a good tag line, she might not have remembered.

Remember, like that bow on the present, it’s not strictly necessary, but it does make your speech a bit more fun and easy to remember.

Anyone else have some good tag lines to share?

  • DiveBoy

    You forgot “practice safe tax”!

    • Juli Monroe

      That’s a good one. You must be CPA Jay. 🙂

      • DiveBoy

        yep. DiveBoy is my Disqus name