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Hiring a Social Media Intern: How To Find a Good One

hiring a social media internSo you think you’re at the point of hiring a social media intern? Last week, I talked about what a social media intern is good at. And what they aren’t. Today I’m going to talk about how to find that great intern.

Let’s start with the characteristics of a successful intern.

The best ones have an active social media presence already, preferably with experience in multiple channels, at least one of which is one you use.

Of course you want someone who is a self-starter, highly motivated and works well with a team. But you know you’ve got a top-notch candidate when you find one with some entrepreneur experience, even if it’s small.

So where do you find this intern? Local university or communty colleges often have ways to post jobs for interns. Don’t forget Craigslist, and if you have college-age kids of your own, ask them to ask their friends. Referrals are always the best.

I suggest you make the position paid, even if it’s a small salary. You’ll attract better candidates. It’s also good to offer a year-long position. This adds consistency to your profile.

Don’t hesitate to “stalk” your applicant on social media. Look for how he/she already represents him/herself. However, the occasional party post on Facebook really isn’t anything to worry about. Don’t completely hold their age against them.

When interviewing, make the applicants pitch themselves. If they can’t sell themselves, how will they ever be able to sell your company? Ask some questions to see if they’ve checked you out. The best ones will have and will offer suggestions to make your social media better.

Now you know what interns can and can’t do, and you have some practical tips on finding one. Tune in next week for the final post in this series where I talk about training and monitoring your new intern.

Off you go to advertise for the position!